Freesolo Photography - Who We Are

Sean O'Connor Employee Headshot

Sean O'Connor

Sean is our founding member of the collective. His passions stem from many years of photographing, guiding, intensive rope work, teaching, and attending the prestigious School of Life. His vision began more than a decade ago and has led to the company you see today.

Brian Green image

Brian Green

Brian is the computer guru of our team. Without this guy at the helm, we would surely drown in the sea of technology and the internet. Brian's acute ability to make sense of the coded world has helped us to mature and has acted as a powerful resource to nearly every client we have worked with to date.
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Jeff Snyder Headshot

Jeff Snyder

Jeff holds the esteemed position of First Assistant and Second Shooter. Jeff came to us in 2007 with irreplaceable skills and a desire to make this company grow. Since then Jeff has joined in on Freesolo's Expeditions and excelled in his photographic abilities. Jeff's tireless devotion and countless hours serve as a backbone to the Freesolo team!

Katie O'Connor headshot

Katie O'Connor

Katie is our Left Brain! As creatives we tend to run with inspiration and err on the side of forward motion. Katie brings order to our collective chaos and ensures that your project reaches a graceful completion.

Nicole Oda

Pursuing her degree in Eco and Adventure Tourism, Nicole Oda is the new Freesolo intern. Understanding the importance of organization, she will be focusing on archiving all of Freesolo’s photos while gaining more experience working in the outdoor industry and behind the camera.  With a love for outdoor adventure, a knack for photography, and eagerness to grow in experience, she is excited for the opportunity to become part of the Freesolo team!